Get better results from your BD in 2024!

Recharged and ready to be back to work? A new year’s resolution to improve Business Development in 2024?

Having worked with professionals in the built environment for many years as a business development consultant and coach, I have a few points to keep in mind.

UNDERSTAND your market. It is important to research your sector, clients, and the value that you and the competition bring to the table.

PLAN – This understanding is crucial for making informed decisions, staying ahead of the curve, and adapting to changing circumstances. Make it SMART of course, but also practical. Involve everyone and make it part of your company culture.

Ask yourself how you can SIMPLIFY it. Do not neglect long-term relationships in favour of pursuing covetable clients; you never know who might think of your customers as desirable too! The same logic holds true when pursuing distant projects at the expense of quicker wins. Find the right balance.

Utilise TECHNOLOGY to your advantage, whether it’s artificial intelligence, social media platforms like LinkedIn, or even just picking up the phone while you’re on the go.

Keep track of your activities so you can look back and learn from your achievements and failures. Whether it’s an off-the-shelf CRM system, an Excel spreadsheet, or something completely custom-built, it’s important to RECORD and REVIEW.

Customers may not automatically think of you when a new project comes up, so KEEP IN TOUCH. Becoming a trusted advisor and establishing long-term relationships are processes that require time. It is futile to engage in ad hoc BD activities without a strategy and method to maintain contact.

MAKE TIME – It’s “easier said than done,” I hear you say, but nothing matters if you don’t take action, so make time. A lot of my clients are involved in the day-to-day operations of their company, including managing staff and earning fees, so it’s not surprising that BD gets pushed down the list. Its significance to your company’s long-term success is obvious to you, so what is holding you back? How can you create momentum? Who can help?

IMPROVE BD SKILLS – Consider how you can get better results from conversations, meetings, presentations, verbal and written communication skills, time management, planning, and emotional intelligence.

Personalise your BD activity and play to your strengths. If you MAKE BD ENJOYABLE you’ll be more inclined to make time for it instead of putting it off; it’s part of the day job and should be fun!

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